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EFBWW supports Swedish construction workers’ strike against fatal accidents and work-related crime


The EFBWW expresses its solidarity with the Swedish construction workers who plan to go on strike next week. Today, the Byggnads trade union announced a strike for the Building sector from 27 November onwards, unless unions and employers agree on a new agreement before then. The notice covers 87 workplaces and approximately 1,400 employees across the country.

The reason for the strike lies in Byggföretagen's reluctance to address problems with fatal accidents and work-related crime that have long plagued the industry.

During the collective bargaining negotiations, Byggnads’ proposal to reduce the accident rates and to tackle work-related crime ended up at the bottom of the agenda. Byggnads’ president, Johan Lindholm, stated that “during the year, unions and employers have stood side by side at seminars and talked about how we should clean up the industry. But when we then sit at the negotiation table, they do not put words into action. Now we are forced to give notice to show the seriousness!”

“This is a matter of creating a better future for our industry. We must get rid of cheaters, increase gender equality and secure the working environment!”.

The EFBWW condemns Byggföretagen's lack of interest in solving two of the main problems of the construction industry. Together we are stronger!

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