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Acquisition of Equans by Bouygues - Workers demand to be involved in talks with companies


The acquisition of Equans by Bouygues with a value of 7.1 billion has implications for many thousands of workers employed by both companies, and workers are not being involved in the process. The EFBWW is extremely concerned and condemns the lack of dialogue and engagement by the management of both Equans and Bouygues with our affiliates who represent over 125,000 workers in Bouygues and 60,000 workers in Equans.

The EFBWW demands a meeting with both companies urgently seeking genuine commitment for social dialogue and with concrete guarantees for workers. Trade unions and workers have been kept in the dark for too long, since the beginning of the acquisition process, in November 2021. The completion of the acquisition is foreseen in July, and the EFBWW calls for the management of both companies to immediately engage with the EFBWW and national trade unions involved.

Tom Deleu, general secretary EFBWW, “We were informed by our affiliates that restructurings already take place without any consultation and against earlier commitments. Workers are leaving their jobs or moving to roles without consultation and negotiation. This is unacceptable. We want a transition that protects the workers’ rights and provides for a stable employment”.

Dialogue means more than just information. Workers cannot - and do not deserve to - merely be informed of their future, possibly of unemployment. The workers have the right and must be involved on the issues of guarantees of employment security, terms and conditions of employment and meaningful social dialogue.