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EFBWW demands urgent legislation on screening and registration of asbestos


The EFBWW calls on the European Commission to take urgent action on the screening and registration of asbestos. In a letter sent today to the president of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, the European trade union movement reminds her of the commitment made in the Commission’s Communication COM[2022488] and the Commission’s work programme for 2023 to deliver legislation.

The proposal was set to be discussed at the Commission’s college meeting on 15 June last year. However, seven months later, no results are seen and, with four months to go until the European elections, time is running out. Therefore, urgent action is needed.

Tom Deleu, EFBWW general secretary: “After the important breakthrough that was the reduction of asbestos occupational exposure limits, we can’t leave the work half done. This legislation must move forward, and it must be done now. The health and lives of construction workers and of the citizens who are exposed to asbestos every day depend on it.”

Johan Lindholm, EFBWW president: “We cannot miss this opportunity and the chance to set an important milestone in this commission’s legislative period. The European Green Deal and the Renovation Wave make this legislation even more urgent. We cannot fall into a situation where workers’ lives are put in danger as a result of the EU’s inactivity. It is the European Commission's duty to make progress now.”