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EP protects workers from asbestos! Now it is time for the European Commission to make its move!


The EFBWW welcomes that yesterday the European Parliament plenary adopted, by a large majority of 675 in favour to two votes against and 23 abstentions, the legislative report on Protecting Workers from Asbestos (the “Villumsen report”) and called for a concrete asbestos Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) of 1000 fibres/m3. This is a strong signal to the European Commission (EC). The EFBWW urges the EC to immediately make legislative proposals in line with the EP demands.

EFBWW general secretary, Tom Deleu: “This is a ground-breaking victory for all the construction workers, firefighters, miners, and workers in cleaning or waste disposal, who are regularly exposed to asbestos. We now call on the EC to follow the steps of the EP and legislate accordingly. Anything less than this will be unacceptable and an offense to workers and citizens’ confidence in the EU.”

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