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EFBWW statement - Due Diligence



Within the construction, building materials, wood and forestry sectors the (international) supply chains are very lengthy and complex. The exploitation of vulnerable workers and the non-respect of fundamental labour rights and standards mostly take place at the lowest levels in the chain. In all its publications and communications on the issue, the EFBWW stresses the importance of direct employment and stable jobs. For this reason, as an intermittent step towards more sustainable business models, the EFBWW pushes the EU and all Member States to impose a limit to the number of subcontracting levels.

In order to tackle the massive social and climatological challenges in the construction and wood/forestry industries, we need more resilient and sustainable supply chains. Therefore, the EFBWW welcomes the European legislative initiative for a robust mandatory due diligence in the whole supply chain for all companies, regardless their size. In any initiative, the role of the social dialogue at sector and company level and the active involvement of trade unions in the whole supply chain will be crucial.

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