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Agreement Formaldehyde 28 November 2018


EFBWW signed first voluntary European agreement with Employer organization

In Lisbon, on 30th November 2018, the EFBWW and EPF (European Panel Federation) signed an agreement on the protection of workers from the risks related to exposure to Formaldehyde. The agreement is the result of negotiations which started between the two organisations in the framework of a joint project on “Perspectives and Challenges of the European Woodworking Industries in Europe”, coordinated by CEI-Bois (the European social partner organisation for the woodworking sectors). The agreement gives detailed instructions to companies on how to plan measurements and prevention actions in the panel production. It contains, amongst others, provisions regarding the participation of workers, their training, medical surveillance, dispute settlements and documentation on measurement results and overall risk assessments. The agreement needs, however, to be confirmed by the social partners at national, regional or company level before coming into force. The signatory organisations, together with CEI-Bois, intend to apply  the agreement in some companies, already in the framework of the joint European Social Partner project. In the long run, results from company level shall be reported to the European organisations, enabling them to further improve the prevention strategies for the sector.

Download here the EFBWW EPF press release