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Women's participation, diversity and equal opportunities for all in EFBWW policies

The EFBWW Women's Network was created almost 10 years ago, to deal with gender policy issues related to our sectors and share initiatives on specific problems for our women workers, identifying a space in the debate with other European organizations, within the ETUC as well as with the International Federation BWI.

Equal pay for equal work in EU countries

Motion aiming at strengthening actions to counteract the persistent pay gap between construction, the woodworking, furniture and construction materials industries workers in various EU countries, and the unjustified levels of costs of living and of labour productivity.

Creating a social Europe of workers! Facilitating decent work

The EFBWW champions a united, social and democratic Europe of workers. The European Union must focus its policies on ensuring full employment, social progress and a high level of environmental protection, as set out in the Treaty on European Union.


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