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Undeclared work in construction

In March 2020, the European Platform tackling undeclared work launched #EU4FairWork, the first EU campaign about the benefits of declared work, with participation of the European Labour Authority. The European social partners of the construction industry (EFBWW and FIEC) have committed themselves to tackle Undeclared work in their industry at EU and national level. To support the action the EFBWW and FIEC jointly made a toolkit , with concrete examples on how to tackle UDW in construction. The EFBWW and FIEC also agreed on a joint statement to tackle UDW in construction, with 10 specific recommendations. 


Download the promotional movie in DE, NL, FR, IT, RO, ESP and BUL                         

Download our posters in DE, NL, FR, IT, ESP, RO, ESP and BUL

You can also download the national video statements of the social partners of the construction industry in cooperation with the labour inspectorates of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Spain.

On 24 September, EFBWW and FIEC organised a joint conference on Undeclared Work. You can see the whole conference here.


A new Special Eurobarometer survey carried out in 2019 shows that in the EU:

  • One in ten Europeans say they have purchased in the past year goods or services that might include undeclared work. 
  • Europeans are most likely to have purchased undeclared goods or services for home repairs or renovations.
  • One third of Europeans know someone who works undeclared.
  • Half of Europeans perceive the risk of being detected by authorities as low.


For more insight on fraudulent contracting of work in many European countries, we recommend this Eurofound report. We also recommend this toolkit on tackling UDW in the construction industry