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Finalised EU projects



The specific objectives of the project are to increase the accessibility, transparency and quality of the information concerning the terms and conditions of employment to be respected and the existing practices in the Member states to monitor and enforce the provisions of the Posting of workers directive by:

• Including in the existing website information on terms and condition of employment of candidate countries (Albania, FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey) and EEA countries (Iceland and Norway);
• Adding 7 additional languages to cater for the workers of the new countries involved: Albanian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Turkish, Icelandic and Norwegian.
• adapting the information provided on the website to the new provisions foreseen by the Revision of the Posting of workers directive (i.e. specific elements of remuneration, etc. ) and upgrading the existing one where necessary;
• improving the reachability of the website in all the languages;
• further developing and structuring synergies and cooperation with existing networks working with/for protection of posted workers and respect of workers’ rights;
• further disseminating the website among workers and authorities.