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Finalised EU projects

Support of Social Dialogue for an Effective Future Construction - SUSODCO


The social dialogue partners in the construction industry mainly from Central (Slovenia, Hungary), Southeastern (Croatia, Bulgaria) and Southern Europe (Cyprus, Greece) members countries willing and committed to collaborate more actively through proposed consortium, have decided on the research preliminary made showing common challenges and issues to apply for a new EU-project (SuSodCo) focused in social dialogue topics, which are aimed at reinforcement and capacity building of firstly national sectoral SD and secondly in more active contribution to the ESD. This project focuses in capacity building, promotion, visibility and mutual recognition and mutual trust of social dialogue partners in the construction industry from Central and Eastern European and South-eastern Member States.

In this framework, the SuSodCo project key objective is to equip national sectoral social dialogue partners with missing key capacities that will enable them to be more engaged in sectoral social dialogue and strengthen their operational functions (capacities) on national level, enable their growth, development and active inclusion sectoral ESD activities.Taking into account that national social dialogue activities require experts’ support, and include feedback on national and on best SD practices initiatives, on planning and comparison of concepts used, outcomes.

The SUSODCO project partners and the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers are organising the final project conference which will take place in a (limited) hybrid form in the EFBWW meeting room in Brussels on 16 March 2022. Details below.