Running EU projects

Enhancing administrative cooperation and access to information


The construction sector is by nature characterized by a highly mobile workforce. Therefore temporary migration and in particular posting of workers is of vital importance for the sector. Lack of accessibility and transparency of the applicable working conditions has always been an important reason for reticence on workers' side to work in an ELI Member State other than their home one. It is often the case that workers end up being trapped in jobs where they face
sub-standard conditions which are below the legal minimum. In such cases, the generally acknowledged rule of "same wage for the same work at the same workplace" is violated on each building site at the detriment of the posted workers.

In order for workers to be properly informed about their rights and protected against exploitation, the scope of the project must be as wide as possible. This is why the ECMIN 3.0 covers all EL) Member states, EEA and accessing countries. The affiliates of the EFBWW are the key actors in the maintenance and the promotion of the ECMIN website and App. The information is updated at national level in a timely manner by national responsible actors
within trade unions (and labour inspectorates in some cases) thus contributing to the Enforcement of the Directive 96/71/EC by making the conditions and terms of employment in their country (for the construction sector) transparent and easily accessible.

The increase of the languages and the countries already available on the website, will cater for an important amount of construction workers in the European continent.

The EFBWW, together with its affiliated organisations and the support of the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, created a website where construction workers can find practical information on minimum rates of pay, working time, premiums, holidays, wage
deductions and sickness and injuries applicable in all 28 EU member states in all 24 official languages of the EU. The website is accompanied by an application for mobile devices with similar features.

This follow-up project will aim to include in the existing website and application information on terms and condition of employment of candidate countries
(Albania, FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey) and EEA countries (Iceland and Norway) also adding 7 additional languages to cater for the workers of the
new countries involved; to adapt the information provided on the website to the new provisions foreseen by the European Court of Justice and the revision of the
Posting of workers directive ( i.e. specific elements of remuneration, etc.1) and upgrading the existing one where necessary; improving the reachability of the
website in all the languages; further developing and structuring synergies and cooperation with existing networks working with/for protection of posted workers
and respect of workers' rights; further disseminating the website among workers and authorities.

This will be done in cooperation with and with the support of the EFBWW affiliated organisations and where necessary with other actors (labour inspectors) - which will provide the necessary information to be uploaded on the website and participate in the ECMIN network - and under the supervision of the steering
group (Applicant, 3 co-applicants, 2 experts and 4 representatives of the countries ECMIN network).

The ECMIN 3.0 project responds to the general objective 1 and 2 of the call for proposals and to the specific objective b) to increase the
accessibility, transparency and quality of the information concerning the terms and conditions of employment to be respected and the existing practices in the
Member states to monitor and enforce the provisions of the Posting of workers directive.