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Building a real social safety net for construction workers in the EU


The EFBWW published an opinion article on the European newspaper Euractiv. We stress the need for a real social safety net for construction workers in the EU and point the finger to the role of intermediaries such as Temporary Employment Agencies in the trend towards the precarisation of the labour world. We draw the attention to the emblematic Team Power Europe case which is in the European Court of Justice and that can lead to more social dumping.

When Ivan (not his real name) agreed to leave his homeland Bulgaria to work in Germany as a posted worker via a temporary work agency, he was happy to have a job. He never would have guessed that this job would bring him into problems with social security and that his case would end up in the European Court of Justice. Ivan is not alone. Every year, thousands of workers are misled and abused in all kinds of shady working deals. In most cases, these workers are not recruited by a regular construction company but by a so-called intermediary company. A lucrative business model in the internal market. This has to stop and that is why the EU should ban intermediaries in the context of posting.

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