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We build Europe - leaflet


This brochure is a summary of the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers vision for the future of the European Internal Market.
Our overall vision of the European internal market is that the principle of “equal pay for equal work at the same workplace” should be at the centre of the European Internal Market. For this to happen it is needed to develop a fair competitive model, based on innovation, productivity, skills and qualifications. Our vision is also a response to the increasing turmoil within the EU, which we believe is a result of a lack of promoting social progress in the European Union.

  1. An adequate legislative framework for the construction industry
  2. Responsible public procurement
  3. Cross-border exchange and use of electronic data
  4. Towards a sustainable and green construction industry
  5. Promoting genuine entrepreneurship
  6. Towards genuine posting
  7. Creation of single points of contact for workers
  8. A European social security number for workers, used to determine whether a person is receiving social security protection
  9. A European social security card for all workers
  10. Introduction of a mandatory prior notification of posting
  11. An unconditional system of chain liability for clients and main contractors
  12. Centralised national business registers and European certification of construction companies
  13. A legislative proposal on unfair trading practices
  14. Guarantee of the average or prevailing wage in countries without a collectively-agreed or legal minimum wage
  15. Restoring and strengthening bilateral industrial relations in the construction industry at national level
  16. Efficient and effective management and monitoring