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STIC - Strategies for targeted information and consultation for EWCs


STIC I: Grant agreement VS/2019/0047 and its amendments VS/2020/0083, VS/2020/0105

STIC II: Grant agreement VS/2021/0057 and its amendment VS/2023/0019

Executive summary

Short description of the action
In the EFBWW projects on Strategies for targeted information and consultation for EWCs, we have drafted six strategic guides for EWC workers' representatives on the topics: 1. Health & Safety, 2.Demographic change, 3. Subcontracting, 4. Skills & Qualifications, 5. Climate Neutrality and 6. Digitalisation. The six guides are available in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Polish (guides 1 to 6) and Romanian (guides 1 to 4) on the EFBWW website (see below). The guides build on best practice examples for meaningful information and consultation procedures in EWCs in the EFBWW sectors. Six sectoral seminars for EWC members and coordinators from the wood, building, cement, and building materials sectors took place. The online seminars included a brief introduction into the six guides and interactive working groups on the subjects covered by the guides. We received a positive feedback, especially on the interactive working groups.

Main objectives of the action
The projects' objective was to support workers' representatives and trade union coordinators in EWCs in establishing meaningful information and consultation on important topics such as Health & Safety, Demographic change, Subcontracting, Skills & Qualifications, Climate Neutrality and Digitalisation. The guides developed during the projects implementation have become central tools for the EFBWW to deliver more targeted support to the EWCs in the building, building materials, cement, and woodworking sectors.

Key results
The six guides will help EWCs to start social dialogue on the addressed matters with the support of the EFBWW and the trade unions from the countries in which the multinational company is active. For more advances EWCs, the guides contain proposals and best practice examples about how they can take company social dialogue with management to the next level. The guides show that there is a lot of good practice out there which should teach both companies and policy makers the lesson that meaningful social dialogue and more democracy at work is a right for workers and brings an added value both to workers, to the company, and to democratic societies as a whole.

Download the guides:

STIC 1 - Safety and Health: [GB] [FR] [DE] [IT] [ES] [PL] [RO] [NL]

STIC 2 - Skills and Qualifications: [GB] [FR] [DE] [IT] [ES] [PL] [RO] [NL]

STIC 3 - Subcontracting: [GB] [FR] [DE] [IT] [ES] [PL] [RO] [NL]

STIC 4 - Demographic Change: [GB] [FR] [DE] [IT] [ES] [PL] [RO] [NL]

STIC 5 - Climate Neutrality: [GB] [FR] [DE] [IT] [ES] [PL] [NL]

STIC 6 - Digitalisation: [GB] [FR] [DE] [IT] [ES] [PL] [NL]