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Scaffold - Improving Training, Working Conditions, and Transformation in the European Scaffolding Sector


The scaffolding sector is still marked by arduous working conditions, the vocational training differs remarkably between European countries, forms of employment are often precarious and some more aspects are of concern for trade unions. With this project, the EFBWW deals repeatedly with the sector and more specifically with various aspects of its working conditions.

The project is about finding out whether a European certificate for safety training has a chance of realisation, and if so, to take the first steps in this direction. In addition, the project will address the issues of occupational safety in general, including standardisation, social dialogue in the scaffolding sector and the question of technological developments. For each of the four topics it is aimed to work out  policy recommendations for the European level and for the work in the framework of Social Dialogue. In a first step of the project, we carry out some research (country reports) on the current status of scaffolding work and its framework conditions.

Based on the results of this study phase, policy recommendations for the topics the research dealt with shall be presented. Research results and policy recommendations are discussed in dedicated workshops and, amended and finally discussed and adopted within the EFBWW structures.

Beside EFBWW and affiliates from Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands and Poland, the consortium encompasses Unions and Paritarian Funds (Belgium and the Netherlands). We have also established close contact with the European Federation of Employer (and producer) organisation from the sector (UEG- Union of European Scaffolding Companies). FIEC, the EFBWW social partner in the construction sector, is observer.