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Joint EFBWW- FIEC letter to Swedish Presidency on Prior Notification 883


Dear Ambassador,
We are writing to you on behalf of the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) and the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC), the European social partners representing the workers and employers of the EU construction sector.

We express our concern about the upcoming discussions on the long awaited revision to the coordination of social security regulations (Regulation No 883/2004 and Regulation No 987/2009) and specifically the inclusion of the exemption to prior notification for short posting periods and business trips for the construction sector.

As you are aware, the construction sector is a highly sensitive industry to fraud and exploitation, with a significant risk of abuse and undercutting wages and standards. It is therefore essential that the efficacy of inspections is not undermined, and proper protections are in place for workers in this sector.

We urge you to take note of the joint statement issued by ourselves in 2021, which outlines the potential risks and impacts of this exemption on workers and the industry as a whole. We believe that the exemption for short posting periods and business trips will create a loophole that can be easily exploited by unscrupulous employers, and could lead to significant abuses of workers' rights and wages.

EFBWW and FIEC therefore call on the Council of the EU to exclude the construction sector from the exemption for short posting periods and business trips, and to ensure that proper safeguards are put in place to protect workers' rights and prevent abuse in the construction sector. As the current president of the Council, we urge you to take this issue seriously and to work towards a fair and just outcome that protects workers in this industry.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to your response.