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EFBWW expresses solidarity with Tesla workers


The EFBWW raises its voice and its fist and joins the fight in solidarity with the workers of the Swedish trade union IF Metall at Tesla.

Because of the blatant and continued refusal of Tesla to engage with the trade unions in genuine collective bargaining, Tesla workers decided to go on strike.

The strike started on 27 October last year and is still ongoing. Many trade unions have expressed their solidarity to increase the pressure on Tesla to sign a collective agreement. The EFBWW’s Swedish affiliates, Byggnads, Elektrikerna, Malarna and Seko have launched solidarity actions: Byggnads has blocked all new construction and repairs at Tesla facilities, electricians have stopped all services at Tesla charging stations, painters have blocked all painting of Tesla cars, and Seko has stopped all delivery of post and parcel services to Tesla.

By refusing to sign the agreement, Tesla rejects the collective bargaining process and the very basic principle of social dialogue. Trade unions will not allow this. In the Presidium meeting of 15 February 2024, the EFBWW decided to stand up in solidarity with the Tesla workers, and all trade unions involved. We stand up for genuine social dialogue and strong collective bargaining agreements.

Build together, Fight together, Win together !

Together we are stronger!