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OHS is now a fundamental right!


On 10th June, the International Labour Conference (ILC) adopted a resolution to add the principle of a safe and healthy working environment to the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. 

With this groundbreaking development, Occupational Health and Safety is now secured as ILO’s fifth Fundamental Principle and Right at Work.  

This historic victory for the global trade union movement was supported by the joint BWI and EFBWW health and safety campaign that gathered 445 joint declarations by trade unions and employers, calling for the recognition of OHS as a fundamental right, and covering 480,000 workplaces and 18 million workers worldwide. 

However, as we celebrate this victory, we keep in mind the gargantuan tasks that lie ahead. From the recognition of OHS as a fundamental right, we now shift our campaign to its full implementation. All workers from different parts of the world must become conscious of this landmark agreement. 

Thus, EFBWW and BWI calls on all of its affiliates worldwide to mobilise their members and allies to raise the awareness of workers, employers and governments on this historic achievement, and to complete our victory by ensuring its full implementation.