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Russia must end its military aggression immediately! Work Towards Peace, Not War


EFBWW and BWI strongly condemn the violence and military actions against Ukraine and call upon Russia to end its military aggression immediately and withdraw its troops from all of Ukraine. We join the international community in calling to stop the assault and give peace a chance. 

Diplomacy is the only way forward! We call on Russia, the Ukraine, the United States and the European Union to go back to the negotiation tables and find a long and lasting peaceful solution.The military actions disrupt the lives of millions of citizens in a region which is already being confronted with many economic and social hardships.

We urge the relevant policy makers in the EU and the international organisations to ensure all humanitarian support  for the Ukrainian people in distress, and to prepare necessary actions to protect and extract those at risk.

We express full solidarity and stand side-by-side with our affiliate PROFBUD, the Ukrainian building workers union, its staff and its members, and with all trade unions and people in the region.

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