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Cement skills 2030


The two-year project will explore the challenges of and solutions for the cement industry transforming into a carbon neutral industry and its impacts on employment, the future needs in specific skills and vocational training. The two key actors from trade union and employer side for the cement sector will cooperate on the project – the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) and the European Cement Association (CEMBUREAU) as associate partner.

The project objectives are:

•        to identify and assess the impact of the EU measures and initiatives foreseen by the Green Deal and the Fit for 55 package on the employment in the cement sector,

•        to exchange on technological and process solutions for the transformation,

•        to identify and assess implications of technological innovation for the labour market in the sector on European and national level with specific focus on future skills needs,

•        to identify solutions for re- and upskilling of employees and modernizing Vocational Education and Training (VET),

•        to reach a common understanding on the challenges but also on the solutions for employment as well as for the change of technology and operational models,

•        to strengthen the cooperation between the European trade unions and employer organisations in the cement industry.


The main pillar of the project methodology will be a research study mapping the situation by desk research and individual interviews and case studies. In a second step, the project partners will discuss and assess the findings of the research with the aim of reaching a common understanding of the situation and of possible solutions. This exchange will take place in a joint political workshop. Policy makers of EFBWW and CEMBUREAU will meet to discuss and approve the findings and the potential recommendations. The third and final step of the project will be a dissemination conference with a much wider target audience, including affiliated organisations of EFBWW and CEMBUREAU, European and national policymakers, and external experts. Its purpose will be to present and discuss the findings and the proposed measures and actions.