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Social identity cards in construction (SIDE-CIC)


The European construction sector has always been a dynamic industry, contributing significantly to the region's growth and employment. However, as the sector diversifies and expands, the feasibility and the need for standardised processes and systems becomes more pertinent. This need and opportunity has laid the groundwork for the SIDE-CIC project. With backing from the European Commission, the EFBWW and FIEC initiated the SIDE-CIC project focusing on the standardisation and potential interconnection of the card schemes of social security systems within the European construction sector. The project will consist of several elements, including a mapping exercise, an analysis of the legal framework, the available technology, a feasibility study into how to connect these systems together and joint recommendations.

Mapping Exercise

Central to the project, this exercise entails an exhaustive investigation into current social identity card systems across EU member states. It will provide an overview of the employed technologies, data captured and scope.

Legal and Technical Analyses

The legal dimension will scrutinise current legislative frameworks and identify any potential gaps, ensuring they align with data protection norms and where best practices can be found.

In parallel, the technical dimension of the project will examine the infrastructure and overlaps of the current systems, with an emphasis on understanding any intersections, particularly with platforms like eIDAS.

Feasibility Study

A comprehensive evaluation of the possibilities of interconnecting different card systems.It focuses on identifying legal and technological bridges, assesses potential tools and platforms, and explores the strengths and challenges of achieving system unification.

Joint Recommendations

As a culmination of the rigorous studies and analyses, EFBWW and FIEC will draft joint recommendations. These guidelines will offer insights into best practices, streamlined integration strategies, and efforts to create a cohesive approach across the EU construction sector.

The SIDE-CIC project endeavours to pave the wave for a system of social security identification that is streamlined and improved and identify how to unify the schemes in the European construction industry, ensuring coherence, efficiency, and enhanced governance.


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