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EFBWW General assembly 2019 - VIENNA

The EFBWW General Assembly, took place on 7 and 8 November 2019 in Vienna. 
The theme of the General Assembly and the EFBWW policy line for the next four years is straightforward: “Our Europe: fair, sustainable and solidly united”. Indeed this slogan refers to the core principles of the EFBWW. The General Assembly provided a unique opportunity to meet, exchange and discuss our common challenges. In a rapidly changing world, we need to identify our strategic vision for achieving a “Social Europe”.

Some 200 delegates and observers from the EFBWW affiliates elected a new team for the 2020-2023 mandate.

                                  • Johan LINDHOLM (Svenska Byggnads, Sweden) was elected as EFBWW President.
      • Carsten BURCKHARDT (IG BAU, Germany) was elected as 1st EFBWW Vice-President.
      • Brahim HILAMI (AC ABVV, Belgium) was elected as 2nd EFBWW Vice-President.
      • Janna MUD (FNV, The Netherlands) was elected as 3rd EFBWW Vice-President.
      • Tom DELEU (ACV BIE, Belgium) was elected as the EFBWW General Secretary.
      • Christian ROY (F.O. , France) and Christian FÖLZER (GBH, Austria) were elected as members of the EFBWW Auditing Committee.
      • Gunde ODGAARD (3F, Denmark) was elected as President of the Standing Committee Building.
      • Mercedes LANDOLFI (FILLEA CGIL, Italy) was elected as President of the Standing Committee Wood/Furniture/Forestry.

The newly elected team of the EFBWW will now ensure that our Federation will contribute to shape a social Europe and implement the EFBWW common vision and workers' ambitions at EU-level, as adopted by the Congress.  



Adopted strategic plan 2020-2023 [ENG] [DE] [FR] [IT] [DA] [NL] [ESP

Adopted resolutions [ENG] [DE] [FR] [IT] [DA] [NL] [ESP